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With Uhrmacher (german for clockmaker) you can easily create a series of images that will turn your digital photo frame into a neat and individual clock.
The images are displayed as a slideshow, changing every minute and are hence showing the current time.

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Have no more use for your old digital photo frame?

Before you throw away your old picture frame or let it gather dust in a drawer, heres an idea for a different purpose: as a custom clock!

To achieve this, the main idea is to show a series of images as usual - except that these are no photos of your beloved ones but pre-computed images of a distinct time. Because virtually all digital photo frames are capabable of displaying image files in fixed intervals they are therefore able to precisely show you the current time - you only have to start with correct image.

A day has 1440 minutes, hence you need as much images. Obviously, nobody wants to create them by hand.

This is where the Windows application Uhrmacher comes into play:
The desired clock is developed only once as special file, defining the basic appearance. Uhrmacher will load this file and automatically generates all the single image files for every minute. Afterwards you can copy the files to a storage card or USB stick and transfer them into your photo frame.

Existing clock definition files can be viewed and downloaded here. The generation of images by Uhrmacher is then reduced to a few mouse clicks and automatic calculation.

A more detailed description of how to operate the application can be found in the following links. Have fun!

Download and further information

Version history

Current version is 1.08

Emailing questions and sending your own clocks

If you have questions or (feature) requests do not hesitate to contact me. Ill do my best to help you.
If you have developed a clock definition that you want to share with others just send it to me and I will publish it in the gallery - of course with your credits (contact data only at your permission).

Please use the following email address: